Astah Purla!

Our Uyghur Network Engineer Ninjas are currently working on:

2014 - 09 - 16, 1 AM Eastern Standard Time: Our main site is currently down as we are making final preparations for our first Beta 2.0 launch. Our Uyghur network engineer ninjas are working diligently in getting this accomplished asap! We expect to return within 6-12 hours as we need to make hardware upgrades and configure everything to be splendid!  

In the mean time you can enjoy our lovely 24/7 Uyghur Radio HERE :) 

"Yengi Dewr and it's networks are current down at the moment. We appreciate everyone's understanding and patience during these times. Please remember, we are still in Beta stages and server maintenances, website upgrades are likely to occur often. Your support and feedback are very much appreciated. "